Nursing Friendly Summer Dresses

Dressing as new mom is hard. A lot of the maternity or nursing friendly clothes are usually not as cute as some of the clothes I would wear pre-baby and not to mention the fact that I find them to be pricey for being somewhat frumpy. Since summer is upon us, I have been on the hunt for some nursing friendly summer dresses that are affordable, super cute, and can reuse when I’m not nursing. Here are some of my guidelines when picking nursing friendly dresses and some dresses I picked.

  1. Wrap dresses are all the rage right now and it’s construction make it easy for nursing.

    Here is a cute dress from Nordstrom that can either be dressed up or down.

    This flouncy dress from H&M.

    This cute polka dot dress from Nordstrom.

  2. Button-down dresses are a nursing mom’s must-have. It is a great everyday outfit. It can be casual with some flats or wear with heels to dress them up. I’m totally loving this style right now.

    Like this one from Nordstrom.

    Another one from Nordstrom.

    This long sleeve shirt dress from H&M.

    Here are some of my favorites from AbercrombieOld Navy, and Target.

  3. Tie-front dress and open should dresses are also must-haves.

    This cute open shoulder dress from H&M.

    Tie-front dress from H&M.

    This midi dress from Nordstrom.

Obviously everyone has different body types so I suggest trying some different dresses in these styles until you find a few that work best. Being comfortable in whatever outfit you wear is definitely going to make nursing easier when you are out and about with your little one. Not to mention help you gain confidence back after having a baby. I know it definitely helps me feel better when I look put together and helps ease my mind when I know my outfit is not going to make nursing difficult. There are so many cute dresses out there in these styles from different price points. Hopefully you find some that work best for you!